Grant Engineering

Grant DuoWave Solar Hot Water Cylinder Range

Duplex stainless steel, unvented, indirect solar twin-coil mains pressure hot water cylinder for renewable applications.

Grant DuoWave cylinders
The DuoWave range of mains pressure hot water cylinders were developed to meet the growing demand for systems that combine a renewable heat source with a standard oil, gas or electric boiler. They are particularly suitable for use with solar hot water systems like Grant Solar Thermal. When correctly installed this arrangement can significantly reduce the dependence on traditional fossil fuels resulting in lower energy bills.
Sizes range from 200 litres to 500 litres, comprising five indirect models which can meet the needs of even the largest of domestic properties.

Design Specifications
The cylinders have two coils for connection to primary heat sources. The solar heat supply should be connected to the bottom coil, which is designed to preheat, or heat the surrounding water, depending on the temperature of the incoming supply. The central heating boiler connections should then be made to the top coil. The boiler will only operate if the water in the  hot water cylinder has not reached the desired pre- set temperature and the boiler/cylinder controls are installed and commissioned correctly. Featuring high efficiency corrugated heating coils, the Grant DuoWave range is developed to ensure a maximum transfer of the energy collected by renewable systems, and is perfect for technologies such as solar thermal. Designed for public water/mains supplies only.

Indirect options
Indirect cylinders are heated from a conventional oil, gas or electric boiler, but provided with a second high performance coil which is linked with a renewable heat source, like solar thermal. As a safety feature, indirect cylinders are supplied with a control/high limit thermal cut-out that operates at 90°C.

Unvented Models
DuoWave Cylinders include a factory-fitted temperature and pressure relief value, set to operate at 7 bar and 90 deg C, and one 3kW immersion heater.

They are also supplied with an installation kit comprising:
Unvented Models
1 x Expansion vessel, hose and bracket
1 x 15mm/22mm Tundish
1 x 3 bar inlet manifold assembly
1 x Installation and user instruction manual
2 x Dual stats
1 x Motorized valve
1 x Drain Cock